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Brad MacBeth

Financial Advisor &
FPU Coordinator

Brad believes that every Canadian should have a financial plan. Most don’t have one, because their advisors don’t work that way, or they don’t have an advisor.


Now, everyone can have a financial plan: The Simple Plan. The Simple Plan is a comprehensive plan that covers every area of personal finance. The Simple Plan covers every area of your financial life, customized to your stage of life. Whether you’re 19 or 79, The Simple Plan will put you on track and keep you there.


Based on 25 years of development experience, The Simple Plan is built on timeless financial wisdom and proven principles. There is no ‘get rich quick’ component, but a method and approach that assures financial security and wealth development over time.


Behind the vision and system of The Simple Plan, Brad MacBeth has 25 years of combined experience as an educator and financial advisor. His vision, extensive research, professional experience as a licensed advisor, and personal experience as a husband and father have led to the development of this powerful system built for today’s families, using today’s technology.

After nearly 20 years licensed in financial services, planning for and advising hundreds of clients, Brad took up the cause to help people understand their finances as well as he does.


With a background in adult education, teaching for a number of universities and colleges, Brad brings both financial expertise and a teacher's heart to his campaign to ensure every Canadian has the opportunity to build their future with an easy-to-follow financial plan..

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